The Double Ripper: New Product for Water Pipes that Lets TWO People Smoke!

The Double Ripper: New Product for Water Pipes that Lets TWO People Smoke!

After 6 months of product development, the team at Double Ripper LLC is excited to announce our upcoming new product: The Double Ripper. This patent-pending attachment was created with the goal of allowing two friends to smoke out of one water pipe at the same time, allowing for a fun, new user experience. And we can proudly say, "this thing RIPS". It creates a whole new experience that allows for friends, couples, and partygoers to enjoy the activty they all love, together! However, this new product has a lot more to offer than just that! 


This attachment comes complete with two removable tubes that allow for great airflow to the two people sharing the hit. They are crystal clear so you can see who gets the most smoke! Additionally, two plugs will be provided that can be put in place of a tube to allow for one person to take a huge hit with amazing airflow. In fact, our early users so far have actually said they prefer using The Double Ripper to a normal waterpipe hit and continually use it instead of taking the device out when they are by themselves. 


Additionally, our ribbed silicone design allows for The Double Ripper to fit securely and easily into any standard water pipe. In fact, the seal is so good, you can pick up the entire water pipe by just a mouthpiece of The Double Ripper. (However, we would not recommend doing this with your glass). 


We already know how much this product enhances the user experience of smoking; we cannot wait to let you see for yourselves! Product release coming soon!


*Patent Pending Product*

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